Restorative Practice


Llanrhidian Primary School has a very positive behaviour culture.  We are very proud of the excellent behaviour of our children who are frequently praised by visitors and when visiting other places for their beautiful manners and general behaviour.  Good behaviour is a necessary condition for effective teaching and learning to take place.

We expect children at Llanrhidian to be courteous and polite, give their maximum effort at all times and to develop a sense of pride and caring attitude towards their environment and towards each other.  Each class develops their own ‘Class Charter’ which underpin the day to day habits within the school environment.  These rules have children’s’ rights and values at the core, including being polite, looking after property, being kind and helpful and working hard.

The most meaningful and positive form of discipline is self-discipline.  We work hard at Llanrhidian School to instil this in our children. 

Children of all ages are encouraged to behave sensibly and older children are encouraged to adopt a caring attitude towards younger ones.  Particular emphasis is placed on good manners, orderly movement about the school, taking care of our school environment and caring for others. 

Staff are continually on the lookout for good behaviour to praise and reward.  We believe that children will grow in confidence and be the best they can be in a positive environment where they are encouraged and nurtured. 

Children will be encouraged to care for their school, its surroundings and for each other.  The caring environment within the school is conducive to good behaviour and self-appreciation of what is right.  Our aim is to praise and commend successes, emphasise potential and highlight good behaviour.

The response to misbehaviour is always positive and will depend on the nature of the misdemeanour, and the age and maturity of the child.  We deal with any misbehaviour using a restorative practice approach.  This enables the child to explain their thoughts and reasons for their behaviour choice through 3 question.  What happened?  How were you feeling?  What could we do next time?   This also makes pupils aware of the effect of their actions on others.   Parents will be contacted if an incident is serious.  We feel that parental support is crucial in order to provide the pupil with a consistency of approach.

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