Summer Newsletter 6

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Dear Parents,

Did you know that 500 BILLION plastic bags are used across the world every year and that 50% of all plastic is used only once before it is thrown away. That is a lot of plastic! As part of an ongoing programme to reduce plastic waste from our environment, schools across the UK have been asked by our Government to become plastic free by 2022. So, we are starting out plastic free journey here.

Our friends at Swansea University have set us an exciting challenge.  This will now replace the eco bricks workshop planned for Friday 21st.  Here is what they have sent us!

Dear Llanrhidian,

We have been hearing all about your plans to reduce your plastic use and make some ECO Bricks. Having heard all about what a fabulous school you are and what fantastic efforts you make to look after your environment, we think you can do even better than ECO Bricks.  So we are setting you the following challenge. 

“How much single use plastic you can reduce in just one day?

Good luck.

The sustainability team at the University

As a result we at Llanrhidian have planned the following:-

DAY 1: PLASTIC COLLECTION (Thursday 20th June)

On Thursday 20th June we are going to collect all the single use plastic that we use in one whole day across the whole school, from crisp packets to milk cartons, from plastic water bottles to yoghurt pots and everything else in between. We will record what we have used, how much of each and where it came from (classrooms, lunch boxes, kitchen).

DAY 2: PLASTIC FREE FRIDAY (Friday 21st June)

The very next day on Friday 21st June, we are going to see how much we can reduce that plastic waste by trying our hardest to go Plastic Free Friday! We will compare how much single use plastic we have been able to remove from our school and how? Did we find it difficult? And what ideas did we come up with to reduce our plastic waste in the future.

All we ask of the children and parents, is that on plastic free Friday, you look at alternatives to using plastic. Maybe that could be using tin foil instead of clingfilm, or even better a reusable sandwich box. Sending in your reusable water bottle or buying just one large yoghurt pot at home that you then portion out into smaller reusable pots that can be used everyday.

The Swansea University team will be back throughout the term to work with us and give us some top tips and advice on how to make our school plastic free and reduce our environmental footprint.

 ( . (

Thank you

Kind Regards

Mrs Caswell

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