We are always looking to create an authentic curriculum to prepare the pupils for the world of work.  This year we have created a job bulletin so that the children can apply.  Our pupil groups are below.

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1. School Council

Open to all pupils from year 1 to 6.

Job Description

* To ensure the children of Llanrhidian are getting their rights

* To listen to the views of other children

* To make the school a better place by gathering the views of others

* To meet weekly

* To feedback outcomes of meeting to staff and pupils

* To meet with the head teacher and negotiate change

2. Dreigiau

Open to all pupils in year R, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Job Description

* To go to regular meetings

* To help pupils love their Welsh language

* To lead fortnightly assemblies

* To run the Siop Dreigiau

* To visit Criw Cymraegs in other schools

* To understand the Siarter Iath Bronze Award


Open to all pupils in year 6.

Job Description

* To understand the school’s targets

* To gather the views of parents and pupils

* To monitor the school against its targets

* To set new school targets if necessary

* To present to governing body


Open to all pupils in year 6.

Job Description

* To set up chrome books for children and staff

* To support younger children with their ICT skills

* To support staff with My Selfie Questionnaire

* Set up music for assembly

* Being ready to rescue staff and pupils at any time


Open to all pupils in year 4.

Job Description

* To organize planting day

* Hold regular assemblies

* Carry surveys to gather views of pupils

* Apply for grants to help us improve our grounds

6. Llanrhidian Buddies

Open to all pupils in year 4,5,6

Job Description

* To attend Buddy Training

* To listen and support pupils at break times

* To make children feel good about themselves

* To tell an adult if you think a child is very upset or in danger

* To help children play and cooperate together

* To use our three restorative questions to solve problems

7. Well Being Warriors

Open to all pupils in year 3,4,5,6

Job Description

* To go to regular meetings

* To help pupils understand the anti-bullying policy

* To support pupils with worries

* To carry out questionnaires eg My Selfie

* To look at school wellbeing data and suggest how we han help our pupils

8. School Bank

Open to all pupils in year 6

Job Description

* Collect money each week and check the amount

* Keep bank nooks up to date

* Use Hwb to keep spreadsheets up to date

* Support younger pupils with their counting

* Get an adult if you need help

* Give Mrs Whitehead all the money each week.

9. Handwriting Heroes

Open to all pupils in year 5,6

Job Description

* Run lunchtime clubs

* To help pupils hold their pen correctly

* Make sure letters are formed correctly

* Help with ligatures in and out

* Praise effort

* Give out stickers

10. Prefects

Open to all pupils in year 5,6

Job Description

* To cover doors and corridors during playtimes

* To get an adult if someone needs help

* Comfort pupils who may be upset

* Make sure everyone is behaving appropriately

* Remind younger children to wash hands after going to the toilet

* Keep our school Happy, Healthy and Safe.