Your class teacher: Mr Dowsett

Times Tables Grids

Croeso i Blywddyn 5 /6 :

  • Updates on class news and current work
  • What the topic focus will be for the term and an overview of it
  • Webpages which link to our school work with hyperlinks to direct you straight to the site

If you have any questions or suggestions to improve our class page please let us know.

Growth Mindset is something we are focusing on with the children and staff. Click on this link to see the benefits of having a growth approach to your lifelong learning journey over a fixed mindset.

Over this term we will be looking at:

Topics: Global Gourmet focusing on health and well-being and foods from around the world. Click here for our topic planner, inspired by the children with our EPIC board.

Science: Dissolving salt investigation.

English: Persuasive Writing.

Maths: Measure, capacity, length, weight. Algebra.

Diagnostic Maths Challenges

Hit the Button 1 minute game: Number Bonds, Doubles, Halves etc.

Oxford Owl Reading Login

Friday Chilli Challenge information

Follow the link below for numeracy questions using the ‘Bar Modelling’ method:

Bar Modelling/Block Maths

Follow the links below for online literacy activities that we use in class (don’t forget to screen shot and add to your J2E if you finish one):

Digger and the Gang



Practice your speed typing skills for digital competency with the dance mat typing link:

Dance Mat Typing

Cymraeg Link
welsh team
Click here to practice your ‘Patwrm o’r Wythnos

Check out these links if you want to find out more information on manatees like Annie the one we sponsor in school.

Manatee Links:

Manatee 1

Manatee 2

Manatee 3

Manatee 4


Have a go at some of these coding programmes to improve your coding skills.

Follow the instructions to create sequences of code.

Remember to screen shot once you have completed the code and place it into your J2E files for evidence.

Coding Skills:

Frozen Coding

Star Wars Coding

Minecraft Coding

Angry Birds Coding