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Annual Report to Parents and Carers

Message From Chair of Governors

2020 wasn’t the year that any of us expected for our children. 


I won’t ever forget picking up my children on the last day in March, unsure when they would be going back to see their teachers and friends.  The week before I had visited the school with other governors.  Children had talked with us so confidently about their learning, and told us what they liked about school. At lunchtime the yard was full of play, activities and games.


And none of this happens by chance. The daily wonders that take place at Llanrhidian happen because of careful thought and planning, and they are only possible with exceptional leadership, and with the skill, creativity and dedication of all the staff.


This report gives you the ‘headlines’ of the last year.  It’s a way your Governing Body is accountable to you about the schools progress and priorities. But behind these headlines are the experiences of our 158 children, some of which are reflected in the children’s voices quoted in this report.  These quotes give us some insight into the continuous commitment of staff to inspire our children ‘to be the best they can be’.


We don’t know exactly what our next year will bring. But we do know that our children’s needs to be happy, healthy and safe are at the heart of Llanrhidian school.  These needs have been at the centre of how our Head teacher and staff met the challenges of the last year.  They will continue to inform every decision the Governing Body takes in supporting Mrs Caswell and her staff. 


Our huge appreciation goes to Richard, who as Chair of Governors for the past eight years has given unreservedly of his time, experience and expertise. Our children have benefitted from your commitment, Richard - thank you.


Jane Houston

New Chair of Governors


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