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Counting up to 5/10

Encourage counting where ever possible.

Model one to one correspondence. E.g. touching, moving items one by one, arranging in a group or line.  

How many toys? Count the shells. Show me that number with your fingers. Point to the number on the number line.


Count specified number of objects.

How many beans are in the pot?

Animals in a field.

Match quantities to numbers. Put the correct amount of beans in the pots.

Teddy bear picnic. Give Teddy 3 sandwiches.

Play shop. Can I have 2 eggs?


Count sounds and movements

Count how many times you can bounce or catch a ball, count jumps, hops, footsteps, claps.

Play Copy me games. Clap the same number of claps as me.

Listen and jump – listen to a beat and then jump the same number of jumps.