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Epic Planning

Aristotle's Rainbow


The children have had some great ideas about what they would like to learn about this term.



1.Who was Aristotle? Where was he from? What did he eat?

Therefore we will be learning about ancient Greece and hopefully making Greek food and Greek statues.


2.What is at the end of a rainbow? How did the rainbow get its colours? Is there gold at the end of rainbow?                             

We will be reading some traditional tales and going on a rainbow hunt.



3.Why is there no black in a rainbow? Why are rainbows always stripey? Why do rainbows move? Can rainbows come in different shapes? Can you touch a rainbow?How bright are the colours of a rainbow?


We will be reading lots of non-fiction books to help us try to answer these questions and learn about how rainbows are formed.



4.Does it always rain before a rainbow? Do you need clouds to make a rainbow? How are thunder & lightning made ? Can I build a snowman?


We will be learning about different types of weather and exploring our school grounds for changes in the seasons. 



5.How do chameleons change colour?                         

We will research and learn facts about chameleons using the Eric Carle story 'The mixed Chameleon'.


6.Are rainbows ever different? Can you see rainbows at night?


We will look at and create patterns & symmetry.We will learn about Lunar rainbows.