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The Headteacher will:


  • Be mindful that teachers’ workload should not be increased during this period and for all communication and workload to be negotiated and agreed with staff.  It is not necessary for teachers to have daily interaction with pupils and parents.  Teachers who are able to work will be focusing on the children in their care and/or working from home on resources
  • Ensure plans are in place to deal with pupil queries when teachers are ill or otherwise unable to work
  • Ensure plans pay regard to all safeguarding elements of Local Authority (LA) guidance on blended learning
  • Ensure there are clear systems and protocol for communication with parents and teachers
  • Agree platforms for staff to use and share information and resources, for example, Google Drive if the school is familiar with this
  • Ensure the quality of work being provided is monitored
  • Ensure any contact between pupils and teachers will only be through a platform provided by the school and not through personalised accounts open to public viewing, comments or sharing
  • Ensure staff respond to pupils’ queries, ensuring parents/carers and pupils have reasonable expectations of the speed with which staff respond
  • Instruct staff not to exchange personal email addresses or phone numbers with pupils (again, paying regard to safeguarding guidance issued by the LA)
  • Ensure any equipment provided by the school is for work purposes only and there are shared agreements in place for pupils and parents on what behaviour and contact is appropriate, with clear sanctions for misuse
  • Encourage teachers to set some activities that pupils can complete on their own in recognition that many parents are also trying to work from home and might struggle to assist with schoolwork for a number of reasons.  Parents are not expected to become teachers