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I'm Being Bullied!

This information and advice was written by the learners of Llanrhidian.  No one should ever feel bullied!


What is Bullying?


Bullying is repeated behaviour (over and over again) which can hurt, frighten or cause unhappiness to us. 




What types of bullying are there?


  • Calling you names
  • Hitting, kicking, punching you
  • Damaging or stealing  your property
  • ‘Ganging up’ on you
  • Teasing you about your personal or physical differences including your clothes or how you look
  • Teasing about your family,  your religion or your race
  • Threatening you
  • Shouting, swearing, verbally abusing you
  • Taking your money
  • Spreading gossip, or mean things about you (either by talking or through social media ef facebook)
  • Telling others about your personal business
  • Forcing you to do something you do not wish to do
  • Sending you nasty or threatening notes,  texts or e-mails


What do you do if you are being bullied?


There are many things you can do if you are being bullied: 


  • Tell your parents. Tell your teacher.  Tell someone you trust.  Tell! Tell! Tell!
  • Try to ignore silly comments or teasing - don’t say anything back - try and walk away
  • Tell people who are bullying you to ‘BUZZ OFF!’; shout ‘NO!’ or ‘GO AWAY!’.  You must say it loudly and walk away immediately.  Practise this in the mirror.
  • Stay with friends when playing - you are more likely to be bullied if you are on your own.
  • Ask your Well Being Warriors for advice.
  • Concentrate on something else
  • Think about the things you like about yourself
  • Remember your rights
  • Contact Meic (  Tel: 08088023456 or text 84001)


What do you do if someone you know is being bullied?


  • Tell your parents. Tell your teacher.  Tell someone you trust.  Tell! Tell! Tell!
  • Stand up for the person
  • Be a good friend
  • Never join in
  • Stop the gossip
  • Don’t read or repeat unkind messages online
  • Record it! Report it! DON’T Support it!

Anti-Bullying Week 2019: Change Starts With Us - primary school film

Anti-Bullying video created with young people for young people.