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School Blog Friday 10th September 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,


We have received a lot of positive feedback from this term's launch day and the learners are now planning their topic for the term.   As always they will be leading the content of the learning so that we meet their interests and needs.  The staff have worked so hard to make the start of term stimulating for the pupils, and I would like to thank them for all their hard work to make school a wonderful experience for the pupils despite the obvious challenges we face.   Thank you also to those parents who continually support us, you have no idea how much a kind word means to our staff - so thank you.  


We really want to involve you more in our curriculum design.  We have had much support from parents in the past, and would like to build on this.  For example, the idea of the recent planetarium came from a parent, who also generously paid for it.  A big thank you to that family.   You will soon be receiving a Pod Project Overview which will show you the direction of learning for the term.  If you can compliment the topic with any skills or ideas, please let your staff know. 


Here are the headlines this week: 


1.  Positivity - It has been a challenging few years, and we are trying very hard to keep our pupils engaged and positive about learning.   Please help us by asking your child what has gone well today as well as discussing any issues.   Likewise, our daily checkins always give pupils an opportunity to express what they are looking forward to and what they are worried about.   

2. Staffing - As you are aware we are a few staff members down due to illness.  Thank you to all the new staff who are getting to grips with the "Llanrhidian Way!" (Not an easy task.) And thank you to those parents who are supporting their pods - it really does show that by working together we can succeed. 

3. Harvest - From September 29th learners will be experiencing a range of activities teaching them about nature and Autumn.  We have already received some offers of support  - but if you can help us in anyway, please speak to your pod staff.    This year we have had the most diverse amount of insects and wildlife in our field ever!  We are so pleased with our wild flowers that we hope to make this an annual event! 

4. Covid - We will be sending Covid Updates separately via emails.  Please make sure you share with any family members who collect from school.  Also please inform the office of any change of email  or phone number.  Effective communication remains paramount during these strange times.  

5. 100 Club - As we have lost a lot of much needed fund raising opportunities, we have have a 100 Club Lottery.   This is a bit of fun for everyone, and will provide us with some much needed funds.  The competition will cost you £1 per week for 10 draws.  We will draw out one number each week, and the winner will receive £50. All draws will be announced on Twitter and the website.  We will contact you with your winnings if you are lucky.  If you would like to join in, please send in £10 with your preferred number.  (We will take cash or cheques payable to Llanrhidian Primary School)   If this number is taken, we will contact you with alternatives.  For more information click here.

6. INSET DATES - Our next booked inset is January 4th 2022.  Staff will be receiving training on this day so we will be closed for all pupils. 

7. Extra Curricular Club - All pod staff are currently designing the club offer with their pupils.  This will start on Wednesday 29th September from end of school until 4.20.  You will receive more information from your pod shortly. 

8. Pupil Voice Groups - We are starting to re-develop our pupil voice groups across the school. We encourage every child from reception to year 6 to be part of improving their school.  Their job is simply to be our eyes and ears and to tell us what is going well and what needs to improve.  This has worked so well in the past and not only gives the children a sense of purpose, but also makes a real positive impact on the school.  Many of the changes to our school have come from our children.  Two years ago a child said to me "I wish we had doors from the library to go outside and read!"  This idea has been explored and will happen this October.  There are many, many more examples where our pupils really drive change!  Thank goodness for their input!  


Have a super week, and thank you again for all your help and support. 


Mrs Caswell