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Staff will:


  • Only be expected to work from school/home if well
  • Take care of their physical and mental health
  • Carry out a reasonable workload when working at home
  • Contact pupils and families according to school protocol
  • Provide a variety of tasks across all areas of learning recognising that a maximum of two to three hours of ‘work’ per day keeps minds active but enthusiastic.  It is educational to help with household activities such as washing, cooking and gardening; as is watching some informative television programmes or online streams, such as documentaries and drama
  • Consider what learning is appropriate to their learners based on: Maintaining and developing literacy, numeracy and digital skills and building resilience, reflection and independence
  • Ensure blended learning includes physical activities that learners could undertake at home or in line with health and social distancing guidance at that time
  • Engage in professional learning opportunities to improve subject knowledge or aspects of pedagogy, and engage in discussions with colleagues