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My Well Being


Your well-being is the most important thing you will ever have! This effects your physical and your mental health.  Without good well-being you won't enjoy life, won't learn as well and won't keep healthy relationships.  SO IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT!  

We have a number of strategies to help your well-being.  The most important thing is for you to tell someone how you are feeling.  This can be an adult or a friend, but make sure it is someone you trust.  If you think you or a friend is in danger tell an adult you trust immediately.  


In Llanrhidian we want to help you stay in the "Green Zone".  

Meic is the helpline service for children and young people up to the age of 25 in Wales. From finding out what’s going on in your local area to help dealing with a tricky situation, Meic will listen even when no-one else will. We won’t judge you and will help by giving you information, useful advice and the support you need to make a change.


If you ever need to call them, call them on 08088023456

or you can chat online to them at