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Llanrhidian's World of Work



Why is LlanWoW part of our curriculum?

Our curriculum is designed to enable every learner to aspire to the four purposes.  Every pupil, no matter their age, is suitably planned for.  We take into account every pupil's ability and aptitude, including any additional learning needs.  We have successfully developed a progressive continuum of dispositions to support the development of integral skills across the school.  These underpin the four purposes which lie at the heart of our curriculum. Llanrhidian's World of Work aims to add a real life context to the pupils learning experiences allowing them to 'apply' these skills in different contexts. 



The staff and pupils co-constructed Llanrhidian's World of Work and designed 4 roles that will help to develop pupils' independence and real life skills:


Capten Cinio:

These pupils support younger pupils through dinner time. Helping to serve food, solve problems and support lunch time staff. This is a shift you really can't be late for!!


Capten Chwarae:

With the help of our 'Dreigiau' pupil voice group, our 'Capten Chwarae's' main role is to encourage speaking Welsh during lunch times. The pupils need to organise resources and facilitate a range of games! We even visited Pen Y Fro primary school to help develop this job role and we will be producing some booklets very soon to help promote it even further. Da iawn pawb!


Capten Darllen:

Following our very successful #LlanReadtoRelax day where pupils' shared a book together, pupils wanted to included a 'Capten Darllen' role. Pupils' main job is to encourage a love of reading through the school and support early readers to get even better. 


Capten Plant Bach:

Our 'Capten Plant Bach' are the team that support Mrs Gosney every Thursday in our 'Llanrhidian Plant Bach' where younger members of our community come in with their parents to share a book, play and have a cuppa! Our 'Capten Plant Bach' workers are crucial in setting this up and helping to make sure everything runs smoothly.   


Pupils', with support from staff and parents, were asked to apply for the role which they believed suited their skill set the most. Pupils' were asked to think specifically about:

- Timekeeping

- Reliability

- Independence 

- Kindness 

- Patience 

- Initiative 

- name only a few!!


Additional Opportunities!

Caffi Cynefin:

Our Caffi gives our pupils experiences in the real world of work, supporting their aspirations towards our four purposes in education.   By providing "authentic" learning, our pupils develop skills integral to their own personal development such as problem solving, creativity, organisation and personal effectiveness.

Capten Banc:

Our school savers' scheme allows pupils to save money and gain an understanding of money and financial literacy. This opportunity will ensure pupils understand the value of money setting up them well for life beyond primary school.