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Prepared for Learning

Thank you for supporting us with your child’s education.  Like us you want your child to be the best they can be in all ways.  This letter is a reminder of how we can all ensure the very best for our children.  The fact is that the pupils who are prepared for the school day make more progress than those who are not.



Your child can be the best they can be if he/she is prepared for the school day.  This includes:-

  • Having a good night’s sleep the night before
  • Arriving by 8.50am, before the bell to chat with friends before the day starts
  • Having the correct equipment for the day.



As your child grows older our aim is to help them become independent learners, and taking responsibility for their equipment is a large part of this learning curve.


We are finding that more and more of the teachers’ time is being spent organising the pupils for the lessons and the school day.  We need your help to make the best out of learning time.  The following points will help your child greatly:-


  • Pupils need to be coming to school prepared for their day.  Older children, (Pry Cop) need pencil cases with sharpened pencils, a black pen, a purple pen, a whiteboard pen, rubber, glue stick etc.   
  • Water bottles will avoid pupils wanting to visit the fountain to get a drink half way through the lesson. Hydration (water not squash) is an important aid to learning, and we do see a difference in concentration levels. 
  • PE kit need to be in on the appropriate days.
  • Names on school uniform and equipment.



I am sure you agree with us, that our teachers are an expensive resource and need to be TEACHING not sharpening pencils, chasing consent forms, looking for lost uniform etc etc.


Please help us to help your children become the independent learners that they will need to be for a successful future.   


Remember our Mission Statement is “Inspiring our pupils to be the best they can be!” And I know that this is something that together we can achieve.