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Oriel Cynefin

Croeso i Oriel Cyenfin!

Welcome to our Oriel Cynefin Art Gallery!! 


Step into the heart of inspiration at 'Oriel Cynefin', our new Cynefin Art Gallery. Nestled within our school hall, this space is a celebration of the work of local artists, designed to captivate and inspire both our pupils and customers of Caffi Cynefin. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the gallery enriches our school environment, serving as a dynamic backdrop for authentic learning experiences. Here at Llanrhidian, nurturing the integral skills and fulfilling the four educational purposes lies at the core of our mission, and 'Oriel Cynefin' embodies this commitment, ensuring every visit is a journey of discovery and growth.


If you know any local artists that would like to sell their work in our gallery, please get in touch with the school. We will ensure your art work is beautifully displayed and has a spot in our digital gallery designed by our pupils. You can view this brochure below. Please also enjoy a sample of the artwork here. If you would like to come and view any of the art, our pupil led 'Caffi Cynefin' is open every term time Thursday from 9am to 11:30am.  





Our digital brochure, designed by our pupils...