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1. Winter

Over the next two weeks we will be exploring the magical world of Winter. Get ready for a frosty adventure. 

Jack Frost 

Lo: To relate something they have heard, read or seen to their own experiences. #LlanLit 

He's a mischievous winter spirit who loves to paint frost on windows and sprinkle snowflakes everywhere. Over the next two weeks we will discover the legend of Jack Frost, his icy adventures and the magic he brings to the winter season. 

Jack Frost Story


Snowflake Mitten Counting

LO: To demonstrate an understanding of one-to-one correspondence. #LlanNum

Can you read the number and count out the correct number of snowflakes to add to the mittens?


Falling Snowflakes

Nature Ice Sculptures 

Lo: To explore the environment with care

Let's explore different techniques to freeze natural elements into stunning ice sculptures. Get ready to embrace the winter wonderland and let your imagination run wild!



Pori Drwy Stori 

Lo: To join in a simple repetitive rhyme or song with one (repeated) word is spoken at the correct time. 

Pori Drwy Stori inspires a love of books, stories and rhymes and supports children to develop speaking, listening and numeracy skills. Your child is taking part in the new Pori Drwy Stori programme for children in Nursery.

Week OnePum Hwyaden

Pum Hwyaden

Week Two - Adeiladu Tŷ Bach, Un Dau Tri

Adeiladu Tŷ Bach, Un Dau Tri