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15th March 2021

Over the next two weeks we will be having lots of fun celebrating Easter. 

Celebrating Easter

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Mae hi'n amser stori

All About Easter

Numeracy - 2D Shapes 


Can you use the 2D shapes to make an Easter Bunny or an Easter Chick?

What shapes have you used? 

What can you tell me about the shape?




2D Shapes

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2D Shapes

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STEM - Egg Rolling


In the story of ‘Brenda’s Boring Egg’, we see eggs ready to hatch. This activity looks at the traditional Easter tradition of egg rolling. Children will design a ramp to roll an egg as far as possible.


Read the story below:

How can we make an egg roll? 

How can we make it roll further? 

What would happen if you made the ramp higher? 

What would happen if you made the ramp lower? 

What would happen if you made the ramp longer

STEM - Easter Basket 


Poor Easter Bunny doesn't have a basket to carry all his eggs.

Can you help by making him one?

PE: Week 1


Spring is really buzzing and eggs are everywhere in Egg stravaganza! First, eggs hatch into all sorts of creatures - insects, frogs, ducks and dinosaurs, with opportunities for lots of animal movements.

Whose egg is this?

PE: Week 2


For the final part of Egg stravaganza! we go on an Easter egg hunt in the park: we pass a ball across a football-pitch; balance and spin on the playground equipment; clamber over climbing-frames and squelch through mud in a search for four chocolate Easter eggs. On finding the fourth egg, groups of four form a line to sit down, one at a time.

We're Going on an Egg Hunt