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2. Saint Dwynwen

Saint Dwynwen

Get ready to to explore the the enchanting story and discover the traditions and celebrations associated with this special saint. 


Who was St Dwynwen?

Saint Dwynwen is Wales' patron saint of lovers. She is believed to have lived during the Fifth Century. Dwynwen was a princess, one of the many daughters of King Brychan Brycheiniog and it is thought she lived close to what is now known as the Brecon Beacons in the ancient kingdom of Brycheiniog.

Santes Dwynwen - Nawddsant cariadon Cymru

Saint Dwynwen

LO: To experience a range of stimuli that have enthuse and inspire to imagine and be curious about our locality and Wales, as well as the wider world.

Symmetrical Dwynwens Day cards 

LO: To explore symmetry

Get your paint brushes ready as we explore how to create beautiful symmetrical designs and make a heartfelt Saint Dwynwens Day card. 


Welsh Love Spoons 

Lo: To attempt to use art resources with a simple technique shown to them. 

Lets explore the rich Welsh tradition of carving love spoons and make our own unique designs using clay. 

Welsh love spoons are traditional spoons carved from one piece of wood by young men, often sailors on sea voyages, to give to a woman as a romantic gift.

Originally they were cawl spoons, that once carved had no practical use so became items for display. Over time the symbols on the spoon came to have meanings; for example, a horseshoe for luck, a diamond for wealth and good fortune and an anchor for security and a wish to settle down.

Pori Drwy Stori 

Week 3 - Fferm Tad Cu

Fferm Tad Cu