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#LlanSciSearch Meetings

Meeting 2


Another productive and positive meeting with pupils today.

Some fantastic attitudes towards their learning.

Our most recent science investigations were discussed and explained in good detail, with some fab scientific vocabulary being displayed like: repel, attract, gravity, air resistance, streamline etc.

Things going well:

Use of scientific vocabulary from younger Pods.

Presentation of research and investigations using clear sub-headings to layout and organise work.


Things to improve:

Continue to focus on the use of DINs to extend writing and scientific vocabulary in future investigations.  

Look at using the 4Ps (4 Purposes) in our work to reflect on how we used them.

Science Searchers from Pod Pry Cop to put a video together explaining how to set out a successful science investigation.


Meeting 1


We have had a brilliant and productive meeting today.

Really positive and enthusiatic attitudes from our pupils and some great ideas for how to help other Podlets, even though we can't go in and see them at present.

In today's meeting we set out our mission for the year.

We felt it was important to aim to encourage everyone in the school to challenge themselves and try the DINs from the planners in science.

We spent some time looking at our books and reflecting on things that are going well and things which could be improved.

This is the list we came up with:

Things going well:

Target met in Pry Cop for using the science planners more.

The science searchers identified that more DINs and purple chillis were being used.  

Science Searchers: We used more DINs and bigger evaluations from using the planner, especially mine, I wrote more for my evaluation.  

I think I have done quite a bit more than I use to. 

The questions on it, you follow them and it helps you get it.

Target met for incorporating the 2-page spread into our research like in our EPIC books.

Science Searchers: We've just done a science investigation and on our next IQ we've just practised it, so we will be able to do more work. 

The more you have in your research the more you can get in your write up. 

Question linked to the videos on the Pod Flip Bits page: 

Helpful and they gave us a better understanding of the topic. 

Planners on the Pod Flip Bits page: 

Better because it's all in one place and you don't have to go through the folders. 


Things to improve:

Focus on the use of DINs to extend writing and scientific vocabulary in future investigations.  

I found that over half met it in class and a lot of people were helping each other and having a go. 

It's maybe not quite there. 

Science Searchers: Try and push others in other Pods to push and try new challenges.  

How can we do this? Science Searchers to try and do a Flipgrid to encourage pushing yourself and using the planners to try more challenging DINs. This is then to be shown in the other Podlets.