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This is the "Science Searchers" Pupil Voice Page.  This is what we are working to improve this year.....


1. Develop our scientific knowledge through spotlights, IQ and choice and challenge.

2. Improve our investigations

3. Ensure every term's whole school topic supports progress in Science

Meeting on 10-02-2022

Targets from last time

  • We still want more opportunities to do science through IQs, Choice and Challenge and Spotlight.


What is going well

  • It is fun and we enjoy experimenting.
  • I really enjoyed doing our investigation every day and it was quite cool we kept checking it.
  • It was quite challenging putting the information in the charts.
  • The graphs were quite challenging.
  • We enjoyed the visit from Dawn, we enjoyed the dry ice experiments
  • We are having fun while doing science.

We would like to improveTo do a science IQ.

  • To do more investigations and more science.
  • We would like to come up with an investigation.
  • More challenging investigations.

Science Searchers Meeting:  14.10.2021


What we have enjoyed about science

We get to learn a lot of things about science and we like to do the investigations. 

We have enjoyed learning about forces and researching forces.

We really enjoyed the fire investigation that we could take measured risks and work with fire safely.

We like learning new concepts and ideas.


What is going well

The investigations allow us to test actual real life situations.

We love the videos and the scenarios and hooks.

We like predicting and giving reasons why.

We really enjoy the research, for example when we learn new things about our topic.

Science is fun and we enjoy making our own experiments and investigations.

We get to push ourselves and we enjoy writing up our investigations.


What to improve

We want to do more practical science.

School survey suggests that science is ranked highly by a lot of learners so we want to more science.

More opportunities for science through IQs, Choice and Challenge and Spotlight.

More scientific equipment, more digital devices, more new science equipment