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Pupil Voice Meeting 31.1.23

  • All Pupils love the science that they do in Llanrhidian.
  • There was a lot of science in Pengwin & Pysgodyn IQ books. Pry Cop had several investigations in their science books.
  • Pod Pry Cop have been on lots of trips and have had several visits from the Technocamps scientist. 
  • Pod Pysgodyn & Pengwn would like more visitors and trips.
  • #LlanSci has lots of great pictures of pupils enjoying science. The Pili Pala Pod are the top #LlanSci tweeters!!
  • Pod Pysgodyn would like a science area or box with equipment in that they can use both indoors and out so that they can practice their science skills.
  • We will look at the costings of some resources to see what the school can afford so that we can do science most days.

We are looking forward to our next monthly meeting.

Science Meeting 28.2.23.

We met today to make a list and look through the TTS catalogue to purchase some science equipment that Pod Pry Cop and Pod Pysgodyn have asked for. 

We are interested in buying;



  • Hand-held microscopes
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Magnets
  • binoculars

​​​​​​​We will add up our order and will ask Mrs Caswell to buy it for us.



End of year update


There was positive feedback from our Summer  launch day, that pupils enjoyed the hands-on experience.  Our launch days are always a success and there are plenty of science activities & demonstrations from special visitors.


All Pupils love the science that they do in Llanrhidian. 

Twitter demonstrates #LlanSci is being planned for as a spotlight and skills applied through Choice and Challenge.  

The older Pods have been able to visit Techno camps at Swansea university and have enjoyed digital and science based activities. 

Choice and challnege activities in Pod Pengwin & Pysgodyn nearly always include science activities.Children also have access to resources such as magnifying glasses, tweezers & magnets on a daily basis.




Next Term PV target.

To have a tinker box of science resources for children to use throughout the day to apply scientific enquiry skills.