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5.Year of the Dragon

Chinse New Year - The Year of the Dragon


This week we are going to learn all about Chinese New Year, a very special festival celebrated by many people around the world. We will explore the traditions, foods, and customs that are associated with this holiday. Get ready to have fun as we dive into this colourful and lively celebration!

The Story of Lunar New Year

Lo: To use ordinal numbers 1st-3rd

We are going to have lots of fun learning about the animals from the Chinese New Year story. In the story, the animals raced to determine the order of the Chinese zodiac. We are going to practice ordering the animals from the story based on the order they finished the race. This activity will help us practice our counting and sequencing skills. Are you ready to see who came in first, second, third, and so on? Let's get started!

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Still image for this video

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Food Tasting 

Lo: To describe food with simple language, e.g. in terms of their texture, colour or taste

Let's go on a special taste testing adventure with Chinese food. We will get to try different dishes and see which ones we like the best. After we have tried all the different foods, we will work together to create a human graph to show which ones were our . Are you ready to explore new flavours and have fun together? Let's get started!

Dragon Puppet

LO: To use simple vocabulary to talk about how they will create their artwork

Chinese New Year is a time to bring good luck and prosperity for the year ahead. The dragon is a symbol of power, strength, and good luck in Chinese culture. We will be making our very own dragon puppet to dance and parade around just like they do in the traditional Chinese New Year celebrations.

Lunar New Year 2024: What does the year of the dragon mean?

Cosmic Yoga 

LO: To participates in familiar physical tasks with enthusiasm

Join Jaime as she tells the famous story of how the Jade Emperor created the Chinese Calendar - by creating swimming race for the animals! A yoga adventure celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year. Movement and mindfulness

Lunar New Year Kids Yoga