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Annual Report to Parents and Carers

Message From Chair of Governors Autumn 2021

 The last year has been a time of public emergency.  There's been challenges for everyone in our school community, including our children.  


But through this year, the staff of Llanrhidian school have done everything possible to support the community, to keep us safe, and to keep our children happy, healthy and enjoying learning.


As a Governing Body, we're incredibly grateful to all the staff of the school for their smiles, courage and professionalism over the last 12 months. 


We also give an enormous thank to our Head teacher for so capably leading the school community through many unexpected challenges. 


This report gives you the ‘headlines’ of the last year.  It’s a way your Governing Body lets you know about the school's progress and priorities.  And despite all the challenges that have come our way, you'll see in this report that there is plenty to keep smiling about. 


You'll also see some of the voices of the children in our school through the quotes included in this report. These give us an insight into the views of the children at the heart of Llanrhidian school.


Thanks to everyone's hard work, team Llanrhidian has arrived at the start of the new academic very well prepared to support children to 'be the best they can be'. We can look forward to this year with great positivity. 


Jane Houston

New Chair of Governors


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