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Autumn 1 Dyma fi

Autumn 1

1.Dyma Fi

As part of our first IQ Pod Pengwin will be telling their friends all about themselves, they will be answering questions in Welsh and in English.

Pwy wyt ti? Who are you?

Faint ydy dy oed di? How old are you?

Beth wyt ti'n hoffi? What do you like?


2.Self - Portrait

All Pengwins will be painting or sketching their self-portrait, focussing on mixing colours and looking at details on their faces.


3.Slot Drillio


Patrwn yr wythnos 

Sut wyt ti?


Dw i'n hapus/trist/wedi blino.


Losin yn canu | Primary Welsh Second Language Animations | BBC Teach

At the cinema shop there are three different sweets who sing about how they are feeling. The sweet banana is so happy she dances and then falls of the shelf....

4. Introducing the Oxford Reading Tree characters.

CBeebies has created a series based on the Oxford Reading Tree books. In this video the characters meet a very special dog.

Biff and Chip! Meet Floppy | CBeebies

WATCH FULL EPISODES 👉 TO CBEEBIES 👉 watch more CBeebies visit -

5. Welly Wednesday.

This week we will be making some natural leaf paintbrushes and using mud to paint a self-portrait.


6. Harvest

We will be celebrating Harvest all week starting from September 27th. Watch the videos below to see some of the fun activities that we will be participating in.