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All about you!


Here are some things all you may not know about me. 


I live in Dunvant with Mr Gosney and my 2 daughters Molly and Megan. 

I have a Dog named Smudge (She is very mischievous and likes to dig holes in my garden) and a tortoise named Doris. 

My Favourite food is homemade pizza. Mr Gosney is very good at making them. 

When I am at home I like to go on long walks with Smudge, we like going to the beach. My favourite beach is Pobbles bay down the Gower. 

I also like running and enjoy taking part in local races, i have some medals that I can show you!


Now Pili-Pala you know lots about me. So it’s your turn to tell me interesting things about you.

Can you fill the brown paper bag with special items that mean something to you? 

It could be:

  • a shell from your favourite beach,
  • a photo of you with your family or doing your favourite thing on the weekend,
  • a medal or badge that you have achieved for swimming, ballet or something else. 
  • your favourite small toy
  • a drawing


We will be sending home a bag for you to fill this week, please return by Thursday 22nd September so you can share your special things with your teachers and friends. 


I can’t wait to find out all about you!!