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Autumn 4

This week it is Science Week!

What are forces? What do forces do? What kind of forces are there? How do we use forces?

Hook Video

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Hook Part 2.mp4

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Knowledge - In order to find out about forces we need to do some research so we can get more knowledge!

Videos - Watch these videos. Can you make some notes of the most important points?

What are Forces cartoon.mp4

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Seymour Science Cartoon

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Introduction to forces | Primary Science - Terrific Scientific Forces - Live Lesson

Suitable for teaching 9-11s. Ben Shires, Naomi Wilkinson and Greg Foot investigate different forces using some of the McLaren supercars, and homemade balloon...

Ramps: A Super, Simple Machine! - #sciencegoals

Jessi and Squeaks brought home a whole bunch of books! But they aren't quite sure how to get them up the stairs into the house. Join them as they learn about...

Reading - What can we summarise from these clippings?

Websites - Click on the websites and find out some facts about forces.


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