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Autumn 5

During these last few weeks of term we will be getting into the spirit of Christmas with plenty of craft activities. Our next IQ is to design and make a Christmas picture with a moving part.
Hook - Let's get motivated! 

Mr G receives a gift

Still image for this video
Authenticity  - Why are we doing this?

Can you make a picture with a moving part?

Still image for this video
Knowledge - What do you need to know?

How to make a moving picture using split pins

Still image for this video

Application  - Let's get to work!

Now it's time to make your picture with a moving part. The pdf below will guide you through the design and make process.

How to make a Christmas picture with a moving part.

Have a look at our IQ card for this activity.

Look at our amazing work!

Other Areas of Learning and Experience.


We will be applying our addition and subtraction skills. E.g. We will solve money problems such as finding totals or giving change. Try the games below to practise you money skills.

Toy Shop Game
Coin game

Maths Chillis - Finding Change.

Try the chilli challenges below

Language, Literacy and Communication Skills

Can you use your persuasive writing skills to encourage your friends and family to watch our Christmas Show film? Use the chilli writing frames below to help get you started.