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Autumn Term 6 - Nadolig Llawen

1. Annwyl Sion Corn!

Christmas is coming so we will begin writing our letters to Father Christmas using the answers to these Welsh


Sut wyt ti?

Faint ydy dy oed di?

Ble wyt ti'n byw?

Beth wyt ti eisiau am Nadolig?


2. Numicon Maths challenge 1.

How many different ways can you make 10?

How will you record your answers?

3.Numicon Maths challenge 2. 

This week you have been practicing adding another 1 to numbers within 10/20.



Can you use a + and an = to make your own addition sum?

Numberblocks- Just Add One! | Learn to Count

4. Oh no! There is trouble in the North Pole.

Can you be the elf that helps Santa?

There is trouble in the North Pole.

Still image for this video

Sion Corn would like a new sleigh.

Still image for this video

5. Magnetism

Sion Corn's Sleigh is in urgent need of repair and he will need a material that is magnetic to fix a large hole in his Flux-capacitor!!

What materials could he use? Can you test some materials in our classroom to see if they are magnetic on non-magnetic?


Exploring Magnetism

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You can watch this short video from OKIDO expliaining how magnets work.



6. Apply to be Santa's Mechanic.

Santa is in need of a new mechanic to help him fix his broken Claus Cruiser. Can you apply for the job to help Santa?


7. Christmas Crafts.

We need to make some money for our Pengwin class funds.

What can we make to sell on our Shopping Channel?

How much shall we sell our products for?

What is a fair price?

8. Big Question.

Were the people in the story right to treat Stickman as they did?

Beware Of The Dog! | Gruffalo World: Stick Man

9.Sion Corn's Sleigh hunt.

Can you follow the clues to find Sion Corn's Sleigh parts?

Ble mae Sleigh?

Still image for this video