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Big Question: Friday

Big Question:



Let us know what your opinion is once you have listened to the information presented by Mrs Joseph in the video below.

Diolch yn fawr.

Big question for Friday 5th February

What would be your perfect settlement ?

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Not everybody is lucky enough to have a house or even a shelter to stay in. We are lucky.
If you could design your own settlement what would it look like and what would YOU THINK Would be essential for you?
Do you think your opinions will be the same as others and why?

Paper to help you design your own settlement. If you haven't got a printer then you can just use plain paper or even ICT skills! You can choose.















Big question for Friday 29th January

If you could design the weather for the year....

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Click on the link below to open the online form and let us know your answer to the Big Question, along with your reason(s).


If you could design the weather for the year what would it look like?

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If you were a magician and could chose what the weather could be like, what would it be like?

You have three different options you could use to complete your 'weather planner'.



  • Option one:  Draw your 'weather planner' on paper and send me the photo of it
  • Option two:  Use my PDF below and print it off and fill in the planner
  • Option three: You can try out your ICT skills and complete my interactive weather planner. (you will find it in your J2E SHARED with me folder)  

OPTION TWO: Weather Planner for you to print or copy from

Purple Chilli Challenge: