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December 2020


A  big thank you to our Llan Buddies who have continued to help others in our school this term.

Llan Buddies have made sure that others on their podlet always have someone to play with, that we are being kind, and everyone is happy.

Have a lovely Christmas everybody!

Autumn 2020

Llan Buddies have been busy continuing our hard work in school.

Time may be uncertain but there is one thing that is for sure and that is that the Buddies are there to help you!

Our Buddies now work in Podlets to ensure that we are all safe and are working hard to ensure that everyone is happy and safe.

Spring News


In our latest Buddies meeting we have discussed how to we can be a good friend. 

Buddies  discussed the different types of friendships e.g. friends at school, same sports club.

 As a group we then listed the qualities of a perfect friend.

  • Kind

  • Helpful

  • Fun to play with

  • Sensible

  • Easy to speak to

  • Always got your back 

  • Funny

  • Help you when you are sad

 In the next buddies' meeting we are going to discuss when we need our friends the most.


Autumn Term News


Buddies have been working hard all Autumn to ensure our yard is a safe and friendly place to play.

The buddies attend regular meetings to update each other on what is happening in our school and how they are finding their role.

During the cold months of December you could often see the flashes of orange vests running around come rain or shine!


Sesame Street: What Is A Friend?

Cookie monster sings a song about friendship.

Our Restorative Approach - Learn the Questions

Llanrhidian Buddies


Open to all pupils in year 4,5,6 


Job Description

  • To attend Buddy Training
  • To listen and support pupils at break times
  • To make children feel good about themselves
  • To tell an adult if you think a child is very upset or in danger
  • To help children play and cooperate together
  • To use our three restorative questions to solve problems
  • To support the lunch time staff to put out and put away resources and games