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L.O: To plan different elements of their creative artwork, e.g. background/foreground, textures, shading, etc.


Next week, your IQ will be asking you to create some Olympic inspired art! Today we will be looking at silhouettes in action shots in order to support our work next week!


What do you notice about the images below?



Today you will be looking at different sports - choose your favourite sports and have a go in your sketch book at getting the silhouettes just how you want them!


 Split your page into two under the heading 'Olympic Sports' and have a go at two different sport silhouettes.


 Split your page into four under the heading 'Olympic Sports' and have a go at four different sport silhouettes.


Use the gallery below for inspiration - today you can use colour for your drawings but next week we will be using black and using a colourful background instead.