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Listen to the steel pan music. Close your eyes and let your mind create pictures!

DJSteelPan | Official Music Video (Steel Pan Cover)

What do you think Caribbean art might look like?

L.O: To explore with a range of creative materials, including line, colour and shape.


Have a look at the images, which are your favourite and why? These images are inspired by or created by people from the Caribbean.

Put your favourite two in your scrapbook.

Green Chilli - Add words around the images of how they made you feel

Red Chilli - Explain why yu chose the images as your favourite.


Look at the patterns below. 


Can you replicate them underneath and add colour and texture. Think about how to make the colours lighter and darker. 

Would there be a different effect if you used a different tool?

When you have finished a pattern, carefully cut around them and add them to your scrapbook!

Amser Celf!


L.O. To explore proportion


Competition Time! The whole school are taking part in a 'draw  the staff' competition. We are in charge of drawing the Pod Pry Cop staff and the kitchen staff. 


Does anyone know what 'proportion' means?


Click the image below to go to the staff page on our website. Use the images to draw a member of staff. 

If you have time you may want to do more than one!