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Challenge Reading

L.O: I can use language appropriate to writing, e.g., nouns, adjectives and verbs

So, what is a word class?

Let's see if we can remember those definitions!


Time to choose your chilli!!

Have a look at the extract below, how many different word classes can you identify?



Source: Scare At Shadow Fair

As the night turned dead, a noise crept along the windswept valley. Led by a horse-drawn wagon, a string of lurching, wheeled giants trundled and tracked its way across the uneven ground. In the centre of the field, the vehicles stopped and a man leapt down from the front of the wagon. He stroked his horse’s neck, then strode to the rear of the wagon. He slid a thick, iron latch across the door and pulled down a set of rickety, wooden steps before climbing them, one shrieking creak at a time, and beginning his sinister scheme.

“What a night for a Halloween fright,” said the stranger to himself.

Inside the wagon, he clicked his fingers and a candle burst into life. Firelight oozed from the wick and cast shadows onto the wooden walls, which were lined with shelves of glass bottles containing strange, mysterious liquids. Some glowed gently, some fizzed furiously and some bubbled like saucepans on the verge of boiling over.