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Choice & Challenge

Croeso i 'Choice & Challenge'


What is choice and challenge?

Choice and challenge is where we have the opportunity to APPLY the skills we have learnt so far. 

Task 1: Choose an area of interest (I wonder...)

Task 2: Plan the opportunities for skill application (psst... use the question generator to help you!)





Task 3: Do it!

Task 4: Evaluate the learning.



I wonder what is below the Earth's surface.


Science & Technology:

Research the Earth's layers and find out what scientists already know.

Literacy, Languages & Communication:

Write a story entitled 'The day I went to the middle of the Earth'.

Mathematics & Numeracy:

Research temperatures of the Earth's core and graph it.

Expressive Arts: Shade and watercolour the Earth's core.

Health & Wellbeing: For some areas, you might not have an idea YET! That's ok... maybe you will add to it later! 

Humanities: Research and present a 'flipgrid' on what the different layers of the Earth are made up of. 


You might not get through ALL of your ideas but having a plan is an excellent place to start!!



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What are our targets as a pod?

What do we do well as a pod?

Has our learning improved... have we made progress?