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Colours of the Rainbow

Colours of the Rainbow

Get ready to embark in a colourful adventure as we dive into the magical world of rainbows. 

Sing a Rainbow

LO: I can join in with familiar songs, rhymes, stories and poems.

I wonder if you can copy the signs while singing along to the song 'I can sing a rainbow' with Mr Tumble? #LlanLit 

I Can Sing a Rainbow

Mixing Primary Colours 

LO: To imitate established artistic techniques in the creation of my own work.

What other colours can you create by mixing red, yellow and blue? #LlanExp 

Primary Colours Song

La Chanson des Couleurs

LO: TO begin to understand that there are different languages in my environment.

Listen along to the French song, I wonder what new words you will learn. #LlanLit 

♫ La Chanson des Couleurs ♫

Help Miss Harris Sort the Toys

LO: To group sets into categories and begin to communicate the rule(s) I have used.

Oh No, the toys are all in a muddle, can you help Miss Harris sort the toys into colours. 

🌈 Rainbow Colours 🌈

Five Little Speckled Frogs

Which colour of the rainbow is your favourite?

LO: To investigate, collect and record data found in the enviroment. #LlanNum


From fiery red to sunny yellow, calming blue to lush green. Which colour of the rainbow is your favouirte? Use you Tally to collect responses from your friends and find out which vibrate colour comes out on top. 



Recognising Numbers

LO: To experience numbers and the number system. 


Let's get ready to follow the rainbows path and collect the golden treasure. Can you match the correct amount of coins to the numbered rainbow? 



Pa Liw? 

LO: I am beginning to understand that there are different languages in my environment.


Can you answer the Welsh question pa liw? Follow along to the words of the song below. 

Oes Gafr Eto?

Boogie Beebies Rainbow Dance

LO: I have the confidence and motivation to move in different ways and I am beginning to develop control of gross motor movements and fine motor movements in different environments, moving safely in response to instructions. #LlanH&WB

Boogie Beebies Rainbow Song