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Coordinates & Mapwork


L.O: To learn to use the four compass points to describe directions.

L.O: To name places on an Ordinance Survey Map using the key and symbols.

L.O: To learn to use coordinates to find position using the eight points of a compass with support.

L.O: To use four figure (as a minimum) grid references to specify location.


Activate Prior Knowledge:


Beth wyt ti'n meddwl?




Let's learn and find out some key facts and

information on ordinance survey maps.

What do they show us?

How do we interpret them?


These videos are so important, make sure you are ready to listen to the facts, so you are ready to discuss them with your partner afterwards. 

Let's have a look at a real Ordinance Survey map.

What can you see?

Do you recognise anything on the map?

What information is being presented to us?

Now you have done your research and looked at a real OS map.

Talk to your partner, what do the following words mean.

How would you explain them?

Beth wyt ti'n meddwl?



Green Chilli:



Compass directions


Orange Chilli:

All the above plus - 

Grid references

Four figure

Eastings and Northings


Red Chilli:

All the above plus - 

Six figure





Analyse the video for Red Chilli. 

Select, establish and find out what Naismith's Rule is, with regards to map reading.