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Cymru vs Ffranc

Cymru V Ffranc

National Anthems - France vs Wales [6N Rd1 2019]

LO To use simple terms to name natural physical features in their locality. #LlanHum

Roll up, Roll up! It is nearly time for the 'Mini-Beast Olympics' and this year the BIG rivalry is Cymru vs Ffranc. Mrs Rees has her money on the Welsh mini beasts winning gold but Miss Blackmore thinks that the French have some 'Rapide Escargot'. First, we need to select our competitors. Can you search our environment to find some suitable mini beasts for the olympics. ACE- Can you describe where they were found? What was their habitat like?

LO to count in 2s, 5s, 10s. #LlanNum

Lots of sports in the Olympics need you to count in 2s and 10s. When watching Boccia at the Olympics, Miss Walters always gets confused. Can you play a game of Boccia and record your scores? You will then need to count in 2s or 10s to add them up.

LO:To use world maps, atlases and software to  demonstrate an understanding of the location of some important geographical places.

Where is France? What does the country look like on a map? Is it the same shape as Wales? Which is the biggest country? 





How big is France? How big is Wales?

       What are the capital cities of France and Wales?


Ble mae Gymru?

#LlanHum LO To identify that the world provides the food we eat and water we drink and recognise where their food comes from and what can be sourced locally. 

Where does your apple that you are eating come from?

What about your banana?

Lets explore the globe and find out how far our food travels so that we can eat it.

Short animations aimed at educating a primary audience about local food.

WB 11.06.2024

L.O. To understand familiar words and phrases. #LlanCym

It has been interesting learning about what is the same and what is different between Cymru a Ffranc. I wonder where people live in France and is it the same as Wales? Can you tell me about where you live? Do you live on a stryd or fferm? Do you live in a ty a wahan or byngalo? Let's find out!


Click the picture to find out where the Gruffalo and his friends live.


L.O. To engage in practical measuring activities relating to height #LlanNum

Roll up, Roll up! It is nearly time for the 'Mini-Beast Olympics' and this year the BIG rivalry is Cymru vs Ffranc. Next up we have the jumping frogs vs the springy grasshoppers! Watch some videos to see the different ways in which they jump. What is the same and what is different? Next, you need to invent your own jumping creature and see how high it can jump!

The Art of Frog Slow-Motion

Grasshopper Jumps

L.O. To follow a structure in their writing. #LlanLit

Betty the Bumble Bee is setting off on her Summer holiday. She has been flying over Gower looking at all the lovely sights. Can you write about where she has visited? Ace - Include time connectives so we know the order in which she traveled. 

Bee Presentation.mp4

Still image for this video