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Darwin's Adventures

IQ Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin IQ



Who was Charles Darwin? | History in a Nutshell | Animated History

You know the name, but who exactly was Charles Darwin? Join us on a whistle-stop tour of Darwin's life and legacy, from his epic voyage across the globe to the home-grown experiments in his back garden at Down House. Enjoying the History in a Nutshell series?

Darwin's Adventures

Join the Pengwins on a fun filled adventure upon the HMS Beagle. We will be traveling around South America and stopping off at the Galapagos islands.

Horrible Histories Charles Darwin Evolution song

Horrible Histories Charles Darwin song

1. Darwin's Journal

Mrs Marchant is very interested in the journals that Charles Darwin kept. They have lots of interesting information about the animals and plants that he found on his travels. Can you create your own journal about interesting animals and plants you have found?

Charles Darwin visited South America on his journey on HMS Beagle.Here are some South American creatures.

What animals do you think they are ?

Darwin Top Trumps

Still image for this video

Can you make your own Top Trump card for Charles Darwin and Monkey to play onboard HMS Beagle and during their time in the jungle?


2. HMS Beagle's Missing Numbers

Oh no! The captain of HMS Beagle is confused about the number of crew he has on board. He has jumbled up and lost some numbers, can you help him find the missing numbers?


3. Darwin's Maps of Llanrhidian

Charles Darwin is famous for exploring all different places and collecting drawings and artifacts from those areas. Can you create your own map of our school showing what the areas look like and maybe what wildlife live there?

4. Charles Darwin's Odd Beans

Charles Darwin has found 5 strange-looking beans on his travels the beans are blue on one side and red on the other.

Charles has realised that the beans fall differently every time he drops them.


Can you help Charles Darwin solve the problem and find out all the different ways the beans spill?


Monkey problem solving

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5. Big Question?

Would you rather be a mouse or a Lion?



 Is it better to be small and not seen at all? or fierce with sharp claws ?                              

The Lion and the Mouse | Aesop's Fables Series

6. Choice and Challenge.

What are our challenges this week? Can you use your skills to problem solve ?

Darwin studied a lot of fossils that he found on his travels. We need you to be palaeontologists this week to help with our animal classification skills.                           


7. Slot Drilio

 Pattrwm yr wythnos    Ble wyt ti’n byw?

Ble wyt ti’n byw?

Still image for this video

8. Amser Stori

The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet. Tom Fletcher & Dougie Poynter.

Squiggle sounds of the week



Monster Mash (Song)