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Down in the Rainforest

Pili-Pala you are about to become Rainforest explorers! What amazing things will we discover as we explore the the forest!  

Learn Rainforest Animal Names

Rainbow the chameleon

Rainbow the chameleon skin changes colour to match the environment around him. This is an amazing skill, but he's bored of being green. Living in a rainforest, he's constantly surrounded by leaves and trees; would you mind using your expert colouring skills to give him a new look?

Andy's Wild Adventures!

Lets go on an adventure with Andy through the rainforest. 

Andy's Wild Workouts Rainforest

Toco the Toucan

Toco the toucan has sent us a special delivery containing some tropical fruits that grow in jungles and rainforests, such as coconuts, pineapples, bananas, guavas, papayas and mangoes. You could explore and see what the fruits feel like, smell like or taste like. Maybe you could do some paintings with the fruit or draw and paint pictures of the different fruit.

Chimee the Chimp

My name is Chimee. I live in the jungle, where there are lots of trees, plants and other animals. My friends and I like to play lots of games. Our favourite is ‘Jungle Hide-and-Seek’. I am rather cheeky and I like the hiding part best! I have heard that you are all like to learn about new things and like to play games together. Some of my jungle animal friends are hiding for you to find. I’m hiding too!

Can you find all of us? Do you know what animals we all are?

Explorer Santiago

My name is Santiago and I am an explorer. I live in Brazil and have been exploring the rainforest areas. I have seen lots of rainforest animals here. I have seen colourful macaws, jumpy tree frogs, long snakes, and spotty jaguars. There is so much to see and explore when you are in the rainforest. I always make sure I take my camera and binoculars so that I can see the animals and take photos of what I see.

I have heard that you all like to learn about new things and are all super explorers so I decided to send you a rainforest explorer’s pack to use! I’ve sent you some photos of the animals I’ve seen and a checklist I use to tick off the animals I see.

I hope you have fun being rainforest explorers.
Maybe you could draw or paint some pictures
of your favourite rainforest animals?


Parrot Puppet 

Can you select and use a range of resources to create you very own colourful rainforest parrot?