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Down in the Rainforest

Down in the Rainforest

Off the Pengwins go to the warm rainforest. I wonder what we will see on the way? What wonderful creatures are out there?



Amazon Rainforest, South America - Go Jetters Series 1 - Go Jetters

##LlanLit - What is that creature?

Did you know that Bongo's are native to the rainforest? Can you find out some information and tell us about them?

#LlanNum  Mrs Walters would like to find out which creature has the biggest feet in the rainforest? Is it an Elephant?, Is it a cheetah? Is it a human? I wonder how we could measure the size of these creatures feet.



There's a Rang Tan in my bedroom

#LlanHum How would you feel if you had lost your home? How could you help the Orangutang? 

Do we need to raise awareness of what is happening in the rainforest? Who can we she our concerns with?