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Saint David's Day

We are going to learn about Saint David's Day, a national day of celebration in Wales to honor the patron saint of Wales, Saint David. Saint David's Day is a day filled with tradition, culture, and history, and we are going to explore all of these aspects in our lesson today. We will learn about who Saint David was and why he is so important to the people of Wales. We will also explore the traditions and customs associated with celebrating Saint David's Day, such as wearing daffodils and leeks, as well as singing Welsh songs. 

What is Saint David's Day all about?

Lo: To maintain an interest in stories or talks about their own culture. 

St David's Day

Amser Canu!

Lo: To join in a simple repetitive rhyme or song with one (repeated) word is spoken at the correct time #LlanCym

We are getting ready to perform on stage. We will be practicing our favourite Welsh rhyme from Pori Drwy Story to share with the rest of our school during our Eisteddfod. 

Pori Drwy Stori Nursery

Daffodil Broach.

LO: To attempt to use art resources with a simple technique shown to them. 

Daffodils are a common flower found throughout Wales, particularly in the springtime when they bloom and add bursts of yellow to the landscape. The daffodil is also the national flower of Wales, symbolizing rebirth and new beginnings. In this lesson, we will show you how to craft your own daffodil brooch using simple materials and techniques.

By the end of this lesson, you will have a stunning accessory to wear or gift to a loved one. So grab your supplies and let's get started on this fun and creative project!


Design a Welsh Dragon Flag

LO: To use digital media to create simple creative work with support

To celebrate Sint David's day we are going to be designing and creating our own Welsh flag using DCF. The Welsh flag is a symbol of pride and identity for the people of Wales. It is made up of a red dragon, known as Y Ddraig Goch, on a green and white background.