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Dyma fI

Dyma fi

This week we will be creating our one-page-profiles and will be answering questions about ourselves.



How can we help you?
Pengwins have been asking each other how we can best support them in school.

Click the picture to watch the video.

WB 18.09.23

LO To show curiosity and ask how things work #LlanHum

Mrs Rees loves the Welsh designer Laura Ashley and her bold patterns. Mrs Rees thinks you can make your own pattern by bashing leaves and flowers from the wild area. Can you create your own natural art pattern that we can use to make a Lavender pouch ready for Marchnard Harvest?




LO To Communicate using letters and symbols they have generated, with some support #LlanLit

You have created wonderful colour monsters. How would you describe your monster. Can you write a description using some Welsh and English words?


      Dw i'n drist.

      I am light blue.

      I have two sharp teeth.

      I need to have a cuddle to cheer me up.



L.O. To use ordinal numbers in different activities. #LlanNum

Miss Walters is very organised ad likes to hang her numbered socks in order on the washing line. Thinking she was being helpful, Mrs Marchant has hung out Miss Walters' socks. Miss Walters is now in the blue zone as they are not in order. Can you help her and get her back to the green zone?


WB 11.09.23



LO To get along with others with and without support #LlanH&WB

1.What do people like and admire about me?

What am I good at?

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LO To identify who looks after me and who my family and friends are.#LlanH&WB2

2. What is important to me?

What is important to Fflic?

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3. How best to support me?

What does Fflic need help with?

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LO To discuss the class rules

Miss Blackmore knows everyone in Pod Pengwin is kind. She would like to make our own Siarter y Pod to tell everyone how they can be kind. 



L.O. To use a range of resources to create drawings and paintings.

Mrs Caswell has smashed her favourite mirror in the staff room. She cannot see what she looks like. Can you draw a portrait of her and all your teachers to display in the staff room instead of the mirror?​

In fact can you draw your own self-portrait to add to our own Pod Gallery?

I can listen to the language of others when participating in unfamiliar action songs, rhymes and sensory stories #LlanCym

Fflic a Fflac really want you to listen to their favourite song. What words can you recognise when listening to this song.

Cân Dyma Fi | Cyw's Here I Am song