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Dyma Fi

Dyma Fi

Over the next two weeks we will be creating our one page profiles. We will be asking and answering questions about ourselves.

Week Beginning 18th September  

LO: To Communicate what or who is special to them. #LlanH&WB


1.What do people like and admire about me?

2. What is important to me?

3. How best to support me?

Scan Me! 

Cân Dyma Fi

LO: To begin to use creative materials as shown, accepting guidance as they are using resources. #LlanExp

Using the natural resources you find and collect around the school grounds, create a self portrait. Use the mirrors to check where to place your features. 


LO: To communicate basic expectations with their friends/family#LlanH&WB

Mrs Gosney know that all the children in Pod Pili-Pala are kind, can you tell her all the things that your do that are kind so they can be displayed on out Pod Siater. 

Being Kind Song

Lo: To play along to music of a range of styles using a variety of instruments, with support. #LlanExp #LlanCym 

Mrs Gosney's favourite song is Lliwiau'r Enfys, can you use the percussion instruments to play along to the song. 

Lliwiau'r Enfys