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Dyma Gwanwyn

Dyma Gwanwyn

Pod Pengwin are excited to jump into Spring time!



Spring Songs for Children - Spring is Here with Lyrics - Kids Songs by The Learning Station

L.O To assemble and join materials into meaningful products. #LlanSci

Mrs Rees has loved our topic 'Make do and Mend' and she wants to finish the topic off with a bang! A fashion show! Can you create your own hat to model down our runway? 


L.O. To measure and begin to record time. 

Miss Walters is always very busy in the morning. She can never remember all the things that she has to do before coming to school. Can you order your morning like Miss Walters to see if your morning is just as busy?

Wake Up and Wash6 AM
Get Dressed6:30 AM
Make Breakfast and Lunch6:45 AM
Eat Breakfast7 AM
Brush Teeth7:15 AM
Pack Bag7:20 AM
Wash Dishes 7:25 AM
Find Car Keys and Leave for School7:40 AM


Daily routine in Welsh

Cân Amser Cyw | Cyw's Time Song | Welsh Songs for Children


#LlanNum To understand what numbers are odd and even.

Mrs Marchant is trying to get better at sharing her sweets with Mrs Rees. When she goes to the shop it is important that she buys sweets that she can share evenly between her and Mrs Rees. What amount should she buy? How can you prove that these are shared equally?

Odd and Evens

#LlanCym To understand familiar words and phrases.

Ble wyt ti'n byw? 

What type of house do you live in? 


Ble wyt ti'n byw? |