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Easter Eggstraveganza

Easter Eggstraveganza!!

Over the next few weeks we will celebrate the upcoming Easter holiday together. 

We have a lot of exciting activities planned. We will be making Easter-themed crafts, participating in egg rolling competitions, and even having a mini fashion show where you can show off your best Easter attire. It's going to be a fun-filled few days where we get to be creative, competitive, and stylish all at the same time.

So get ready to hop into the Easter spirit with us as we make unforgettable memories together.

Hop Little Bunnies

Easter Chick Mask Madness: Getting Glam for the Fashion Show!

Lo: To ask  simple questions about familiar art materials, tools and processes they are interacting with, e.g. how to stick the fabric together

This week we are going to have some egg-citing fun getting ready for the school fashion show by making Easter chick masks! We will use our creativity and imaginations to design and decorate our masks to wear proudly on the runway. Let's get started on this egg-cellent craft project!

Humpty Dumpty Science Experiment 

Lo: To make simple predications

We are embarking on a cracking experiment inspired by the iconic nursery rhyme - Humpty Dumpty! In this egg-ceptional lesson, we will delve into the world of physics and engineering to see how we can give Humpty Dumpty a fighting chance when he takes his famous tumble off the wall.

Our mission is to design and test different materials that could potentially cushion Humpty's fall and prevent him from breaking into a million pieces. From pillows to bubble wrap, foam to feathers, we will explore a variety of materials to see which one provides the best protection for our fragile friend.

Humpty Dumpty

Brenda’s Boring Egg

Lo: To begin to follow simple instructions when using materials, but shows some individuality. 

Can you design your own amazing egg? 
What would the egg look like? 
What do you think the duckling inside would be like? 


Click on the link to read the story of Brenda’s Boring Egg.

Five Little Bunnies

Lo: To listen and join in with number stories and rhymes