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Easter Eggtravaganza

Croeso to our Easter Eggstravaganza week.

CBeebies | Celebrating Easter | Let's Celebrate

CBeebies | Preparing for Easter | Let's Celebrate

Humpty Dumpty | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs



 Dear Pengwins,

I have just returned from hospital after my last fall and need your help.

I am so afraid of falling and breaking my shell again. Please could you

find a way to keep me safe when I am sitting on the wall, 

                        Yours sincerely,  

                      Humpty Dumpty

#LlanSci Humpty Dumpty needs help!

Humpty Dumpty wants your help to create a safety suit for him. He wants to find a material that will stop him from breaking. 

What material do you think will give Humpty Dumpty the best protection?



Tedi-Twt has been on another adventure this time he has visited a fferm. You can either read or listen to the story. Can you answer these questions?

Who did Tedi Twt meet first?

What is a cow in Welsh?

Can you intoduce yourself to Tedi Twt and tell him how you ae feeling?

Tedi Twt ar y fferm.

Still image for this video

Gwrando Tedi Twt ar y Fferm