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Enquiry Overview


Enquiry Overview


This inquiry aimed to explore how genuine learning experiences in our school and local area could promote the use of the Welsh language. Through observations, student feedback, and questionnaires, the impact of these authentic learning opportunities was evaluated. At Llanrhidian, 'Llanrhidian World of Work' (LlanWoW) was introduced, offering roles such as reading helper, lunchtime buddy, and community playgroup worker known as 'Capten…'. Students at progression step 3 also gained experience at 'Caffi Cynefin' and Oriel Cynefin as part of this initiative to boost Welsh language usage around the school.

Observations were crucial for assessing Welsh language use outside the classroom, providing valuable insights into usage patterns and contexts. Gathering student feedback on their enjoyment, confidence, and authentic language use was essential. Questionnaires delved into language attitudes, motivations, and barriers to Welsh language use, helping identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Both questionnaires and observations evaluated Welsh language usage in autumn and spring terms. Collaborating with 'Athrawes Bro' provided training for students and staff to incorporate more Welsh into the school day. 'Caffi Cynefin' celebrated the Welsh language weekly, engaging parents and the wider community. Primary schools from Swansea were invited to share best practices around Welsh language learning, aiming to inspire learners to pursue language acquisition further in an authentic setting.


This enquiry is inline with the school's 'LUA' approach, where we assess if pupil's can 'apply' what they have 'learnt' and 'understood'. Pupils using Welsh outside of the classroom would demonstrate the application of Welsh language skills in authentic situations. The LUA approach is based on 'Bloom's Taxonomy' and promotes learning as a consecutive process.



In addition to questionnaires and observations, our PEST (Pupil Evaluation School Team) also evaluated the target of Welsh oracy termly. 

Ethical Considerations


In studying this subject, it is vital to address ethical considerations effectively to safeguard the well-being and rights of the pupils, as well as maintain the research process's integrity. The key ethical concerns include:


  • Confidentiality and Privacy: Ensuring secure storage and anonymisation of data to prevent individual identification. Personal data will not be utilised in this research project.

  • Informed Consent: While guardians' consent was considered, it was deemed unnecessary due to the project's alignment with pupils' regular school experiences.

  • Equity: Ensuring all pupils are treated fairly, with no individual or group benefiting more than others. Uniform experiences will be provided irrespective of age, race, or gender.