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EPIC Planning (Everyone Planning In Class))

Aristotle's Rainbow.

After our Launch Day activities, Pod Pysgodyn have been thinking about which direction our learning might go in over the coming weeks. Here are some of the main ideas we came up with as a pod.

1. Who is Aristotle?

We will carry out some research into Aristotle and learn about where he came from. We will read and listen to some famous Greek Myths. #LlanHum #LlanLit

2. Why are there rainbows?

We will research the Science of rainbows and weather. #LlanSci #LlanHum

3. Can you see rainbows at night?

We were really interested to hear that there are moonbows although none of us have ever seen one. We would like to find out more! #LlanSci

4. Colour in Nature

Lots of us would like to do more outdoor learning and find out more about colour in nature. #LlanSci #LlanOut

5. Can we carry out some more colour investigations?

We all thoroughly enjoyed the launch day activities. We will carry out some new colour investigations and maybe share these with other pods so they can enjoy them too. #LlanSci #LlanExp #LlanDCF #LlanNum

6. Can we do some rainbow art?

We will learn to mix colours and shades, create collages and look at colour in famous art work. #LlanExp #LlanLit