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Epic Planning (Everyone Planning In Class)

Our new topic this term is:

Go, Go, Gower Rangers




The children have had some great ideas about what they would like to learn about this term.

  • Gower Fairies: Where do they live? What do they wear? 
  • Plants and Flowers: How do flowers grow? What do they need to stay healthy?
  • Ice Cream: How do you make ice cream? Whats the best flavour?
  • Beaches: What creatures live under the sea? 

Our new topic for this term is...

  Whose Planet is it Anyway?


6th January - 21st February 2021:  Big Schools Bird watch

25th January: St Dwynwen’s Day

12th February: Chinese New Year

14th February: Valentine's Day

16th February: Pancake Day

27th February: National Polar Bear Day

1st March: St David's Day

2nd March: Dr Seuss's Birthday

4th March: World Book Day

14th March: Mother's Day (UK)


Aristotles's Rainbow


1. What colours are a rainbow?


2. Learn to sing the rainbow song in English and Welsh 


3. Where do rainbow come from?


4. Who is Aristotle?


5. Is there a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?