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Expressive Arts

I wonder, how can we encourage younger children to feel excited about learning to read?

Beth wyt ti'n meddwl?


Can you recall how you learnt to read?








This Thursday we will be having a whole school showcase! 

Let's see what the experts say!!

Pie Corbett telling the Little Red Hen Story

Warm up!

Use Pie Corbett's action cards to act out the following short story!

Be prepared to share in 10 minutes!


After tea, Bertie dug a deep hole.

Once upon a time, Bertie wanted to get to Australia.

Luckily, Bertie had an idea.

First he would get a spade and dig a deep hole.

By the next morning, he was still digging.

Finally, he gave up and went in for breakfast.

On Thursday morning we will be voting on which groups should perform 'The Little Red Hen' to Pod Pengwin and Pod Pysgodyn. 

The performance will take place in the hall on Thursday afternoon. They will also have something to share with us!

Some of Pie Corbett's actions can be used but you will also need to be creative and make some of your own!

Don't be afraid to make a 'map' to help you and your group keep in time. Use A3 paper to do this!

Watercolour Wash!

Our Sky!

I wonder, what makes the sky different colours?


Have you ever noticed that something gets smaller the further away it is?

Observational Drawing!

Top Tips:

1. Keep looking at the drawing

2. Think about light and shade

3. Think about perspective

4. Include lots of tone 

5. Keep the outline LIGHT 











Which will you choose?

1. Choose a Caffi Cynefin tea cup - shade, watercolour or pastel - focus on tone!!

2. Design an abstract tea cup - focus on tone!!